Changing Habits for a better Lifestyle

Do you wait for the bristles of your toothbrush ( ruled by Sagittarius ) to be bad before changing it ? Have you not changed your comb from years ? I m asking you these questions because if you don't change your daily used items on time, they can become a reason for your bad health and can cause various infections (ruled by Mars, Pluto ).

1. Change your hairbrush or comb after every 6 months - Although, people change their toothbrush from time to time but forget to change their comb even for years. Everyone have their personal and favourite comb which they keep on using. If you are also using the same comb for long you must have seen how dirt (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) and hair gather itself at the base of the comb. But only cleaning (ruled by Moon) it is not enough. According to experts, apart from cleaning the comb changing it after every 6 months is very important. This can prevent hair (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) fall as well.

2. Sponge used for cleaning utensils - You can't take risk (ruled by Uranus, 5th house) due to some things in life like dish washing sponge (ruled by Neptune). Since we don't have to wait for the bristles of toothbrush to deteriorate, in the same way don't wait to change the dish-wash sponge and change it every 2 to 4 weeks. Reason being the bacteria (ruled by Pluto) generated due to the left over food particles clung on the sponge stick on the utensils while washing them. 

3. Change your Pillow - Everyone love their bed and pillow (ruled by Venus). But it doesn't mean you don't change your habits (ruled by Saturn, Moon and 1st house) and don't change your favourite pillow. Pillow also have a shelf life. Every night when you sleep your hair, body oil ( ruled by Moon, Virgo ) etc stick on the pillow. No doubt you may be using a pillow cover and clean it every time it gets dirty and you feel that it is cleaned. But thumb rule is that pillow has to be changed every 1 to 2 years.

4. Toothbrush - Do you know that toothbrush ( ruled by Sagittarius ) contain more than 1 crore bacteria (ruled by Pluto) ?? So your toothbrush has to be changed from time to time. Don't wait for long to change your toothbrush. Change your habit (ruled by Saturn, Moon and 1st house) as soon as possible. Toothbrush is an essential item used in our daily life. Toothbrush has to be changed every 3 to 4 months. Also, daily after doing brush clean (ruled by Moon) your brush in a proper manner. 

5. Chopping Board - Apart from dish washing sponge, chopping board is used in a regular manner in the kitchen (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Mars, Scorpio). Even if you wash it properly after using it, still bacteria (ruled by Pluto) and other harmful substances are stuck on it. So it is important to change the chopping board after every 3 months. Also, try to use chopping boards made of other material accept wood (ruled by Saturn, Libra, Capricorn, Neptune). 


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