Five Habits that increases the risk of Heart Attack in Winters (Part 1)

Following are five habits (ruled by 1st house, Saturn and Moon) that increases the risk of Heart attack (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces) in winters (ruled by Saturn) :

1. Not Protecting yourself from Cold (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) - Travelling (ruled by Mercury, 3rd house, Gemini, Moon, 9th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius) too much in winters contract (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) the arteries (ruled by Jupiter, Sun, Sagittarius) of the heart. So that's why heart needs to supply more blood (ruled by Moon) or we can say heart has to create more pressure to make our body (ruled by Sun, 1st house) warm. If a person is already a heart patient then he/she may suffer from angina (ruled by 5th house, Leo, Sun, Saturn) or chest (ruled by Cancer, 4th house) pain which increases the risk (ruled by 5th house, Uranus) of heart attack.

What not to do -

a. Heart patients should remain in their house whenever there is too much cold  (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) outside either in morning or evening.

b. Cover your chest(ruled by Cancer, 4th house) properly specially in the morning in winters because it increases the risk of sinking of heart veins (ruled by 7th house, Venus, Jupiter, Libra).

c. Don't walk (ruled by 1st house) or stroll at night specially on the day when there is too much cold.

What to do -

a. In winters, heart patients should go on a walk in afternoon (ruled by Sun, 10th house) only.

b. Bath (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, 5th house) with lukewarm or warm water only. Avoid bathing in cold water in winters.

c. Don't go out from your house as soon as after bathing.

d. In winters, people hurry in bathing (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, 5th house)  which increases the heartbeat and then increases the risk of angina (ruled by 5th house, Leo, Sun, Saturn) . Try to heat (ruled by Mars, Sun, Aries, Leo) the bathroom (ruled by Cancer, Scorpio) with the heater before bathing.

2. Less Dosage of Medicines (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Virgo, Scorpio) - Some people don't consult the doctor (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, 6th house, Jupiter, Scorpio) before increasing or decreasing the medications of blood pressure (ruled by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars). And also in winters as compared to summers, there are chances of increase of high blood pressure which also increases the risk of heart troubles.

What not to do -

a. Consult your doctor either before changing or stopping the medicines.

What to do -

a. People suffering from diabetes(ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Virgo, Saturn) and blood pressure should consult the doctor for regular check up. Ask your doctor for any change (if required) because not controlling their level, pressure of heart increases thereby increasing the risk of heart attack.

b. After consulting a doctor follow his advice (ruled by Mercury) properly and take medicines regularly as suggested.

c. Since heart patients need more medicines in winters (only if required), they can ask their doctor to increase the dosage.

d. In winters, heart patients may suffer from flu (ruled by Neptune, Rahu) or pneumonia (ruled by Gemini, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter). So you should go for vaccination once a year in winters as well.

e. If you face problems related to constipation (ruled by Virgo, Saturn) or gas (ruled by Mars, Capricorn) related issues, start intake of trifala before going to bed.

To be Continued..


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