Reasons of Heart Troubles in Females !

It is a myth that females do not face heart troubles (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces) and if they face it, it is in very small numbers. But this is because of half knowledge. Symptoms of heart failures of problems in females is different as compared to males. This is because of different biological system (ruled by Moon) in males and females. This is the reason why same health (ruled by Sun, 1st house, 6th/8th/12th house) issue shows different symptoms in both of them. This is the problem which is generally seen in heart related issues. It takes a very long time to understand and diagnose symptoms of such diseases (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Pluto, Saturn).

1. Other health issues become base of heart issues - As we know same health problems show different symptoms in male and female. Also these symptoms are diagnosed (ruled by Venus, Jupiter) very early as well. But non awareness can lead to disastrous results. Because specially females who tend to face heart problems are facing other diseases as well.

2. Problems in getting cured -  Since females before diagnosing heart diseases can face other health issues such as hormonal (ruled by Moon) imbalance, High blood pressure (ruled by Jupiter, Mars), panic attacks (ruled by Uranus, Saturn), anxieties (ruled by Saturn, Mercury, 12th house) etc. Because of all this early cure (ruled by Venus) becomes a bit difficult. Other most important aspect is that female don't get proper treatment at right time.

Symptoms of Heart troubles in females :

1. Level of sex hormones increases in females before menopause. Estrogen (ruled by Venus, Mars) is the female hormone and testosterone is the male hormone. These hormone are present in limited amount in the respective bodies. Increase or decreased level of these hormones can give various health problems.

2. Increased or decreased level of estrogen in females during menopause can result in heart problems in females.

3. Generally, females after menopause face blood pressure issues. Blood pressure problems also results in heart related issues.

4. It has been proven that females are more prone to obesity (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Taurus) as the age increases as compared to males. After menopause females become stressed due to obesity which can result into heart issues.

5. Obesity  (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Taurus) increases the risk of High BP (ruled by Jupiter, Mars) three times more in females which results into heart related and other health problems.

6. Apart from the above problems, emotional stress (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune), lack of good diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, 6th house, Moon), lack of good sleep (ruled by 12th house, Neptune, Pisces, Moon, Pluto) etc are other issues which lead to heart problems in females.


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