Five Habits that increases the risk of Heart Attack in Winters (Part 2)

Following are five habits (ruled by 1st house, Saturn and Moon) that increases the risk of Heart attack (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces) in winters (ruled by Saturn) :

For the first two habits you may refer to the previous post 'Five Habits that increases the risk of Heart Attack in Winters (Part 1)'.

3. Wrong Eating Habits - Due to wrong eating habits (ruled by Saturn, 1st house, Moon) specially in winters (ruled by Saturn) people may face heart related ailments (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces). If changed can help in reducing risks of heart attacks.

What not to do : It is very important to take care of your eating habits specially in winters. Don't eat heavy foods (where heaviness is ruled by Saturn). Reduce the intake of oils (ruled by Neptune, Pisces, 12th house, Uranus, Aquarius) and spices (ruled by Venus) as well.

What to do :

1. Water and juices etc -

a. In winters, people face acidity (ruled by Mars, Sun) a lot resulting in clotting (ruled by Saturn) in heart. Always drink warm water (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces) every morning after waking up. You can also add one spoon honey (ruled by Venus, Jupiter, Leo) and lemon (ruled by Sun, Leo, Saturn) into it. Drinking it daily in morning will help reduce acidity which is very harmful for heart.

b. Drinking water after boiling Terminalia arjuna in it will also help in reducing acidity.

c. Try to drink water regularly in winters as it helps in flushing the toxins (ruled by Pluto, Scorpio, Neptune, Saturn) out of our body as we tend to drink less water in winters. Boil water after adding some fennel (ruled by Mercury, Leo) in it. Drink this water whole day in small portions. Apart from all this you can also drink water by adding tulsi (ruled by Moon, Venus, Jupiter), mint (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Leo), coriander (ruled by Mars) or cinnamon (ruled by Sun, Jupiter) in it.

d. In winters, juices of carrot (ruled by Mercury), beetroot(ruled by Jupiter, Saturn) and apple (ruled by Venus) are very beneficial for health. These juices provides enzymes (ruled by Pluto, Moon) to the stomach which reduces the risk of stomach issues (ruled by 4th house, Moon). Also, helps in reducing heart related troubles.

e. You can also drink juice of bottle guard (ruled by Moon, Taurus) mixed with one pinch of black pepper (ruled by Mars, Aries).

2. Fruits and Vegetables -

a. Citrus fruits (ruled by Sun, Leo sign) in winters will help in build your immunity (ruled by Uranus) and increases blood circulation in the body. Orange, sweet lime, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, amla etc provides vitamin C to the body. Consuming these will protect your body from various viruses  (ruled by Pluto) and bacteria (ruled by Pluto) which can attack your body. Vitamin C builds immunity which helps reducing risk of heart diseases. Improvement in blood circulation can increases the effect of blood pressure or beta-blocker medicines (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Virgo, Scorpio) which you are consuming.

b. Eat a lot of green (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Cancer, Pisces) and green leafy vegetables (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 6th house). It balances the blood (ruled by Moon) for example, if your blood is thick then it helps in thinning it and vice versa.

c. Eating raw green leafy vegetables will provide you with 100% nutrition to your body. Cooked will provide only 10%.

d. Before cooking or eating vegetables or green leafy vegetables wash them with water properly which removes the bacteria.

e. Eat such fruits and vegetables with more fiber. According to colour therapy, green colour is very important and beneficial in improving heart related issues.

f. Eat ragi, oats (ruled by Virgo, Mercury) with veggies. Ragi has calcium (ruled by Saturn) which is beneficial for heart and oats contains fiber which helps in reducing bad cholesterol (ruled by Saturn, Jupiter).

3. Oil and Ghee -

a. The amount of any type of oil / ghee (ruled by Moon, Taurus)/ butter (ruled by Virgo) in a day should not be more than 3 spoons or 15 millilitre.

b. Always use cold compressed oil. Look at this word on the wrapper before purchasing.

4. Dry Fruits -

a. All dry fruits (ruled by Venus, Moon) except cashew (ruled by Moon, Scorpio) nuts are good for heart patients. They have zero cholesterol in them. Remember whatever we get directly from trees have zero cholesterol in them.

b. You can take a spoon full of mixed roasted flax-seed (ruled by Capricorn), sunflower (ruled by Sun, Leo) and pumpkin (ruled by Moon, Cancer) seeds at night.

5. Biscuit - Namkeen - Avoid taking biscuits (ruled by moon, venus) and namkeen or consume them in very small portions.

6. Sweets

a. If you are craving for sweets (ruled by Jupiter) then you can take jaggery.

b. Avoid moong daal halwa, as it is very heavy. You can take a small portion of carrot halwa made in milk only.

c. Dates (ruled by Rahu, Venus) are also very beneficial if you are craving for sweets. 

To be Continued..


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