Depression and Cure in Medical Astrology

Depression is basically ruled by Moon, Saturn and Capricorn sign. That is if both planets Saturn, Moon are afflicted and sign Capricorn is too afflicted in the birthchart including your lagna and lagnesh (ascendant and ascendant lord respectively by Saturn) then person is more susceptible to face depression. 

Symptoms of Person suffering from Depression :

1. Person becomes very much upset (ruled by Uranus), isolated (ruled by Saturn). Also they start crying any moment.

2. They get annoyed (ruled by Mars, Gemini, 1st house) with every and anything. They stop loving work even their favourite ones.

3. Hunger (ruled by Saturn and 6th house) either increases or decreases which results into obesity (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Taurus) or person becomes too weak (ruled by Saturn, Moon, Neptune).

4. They like to be in darkness (ruled by Capricorn sign) often. They love sleeping (ruled by 12th house, Pisces, Neptune, Moon, Pluto) a lot or not at all.

5. They feel fatigue and weakness (ruled by Saturn, Moon, Neptune) in their body all day along without doing any work. They love to be on bed all day.

6. Rapid changes in body movements and behaviour (ruled by Mars) changes as well.

7. Such people start blaming themselves for every reason and they start loosing their self respect (ruled by Jupiter, Sun) in their own eyes.

8. Developing bad-habits (ruled by 12th house) like taking drugs (ruled by Neptune, Pisces, 12th house), alcohol (ruled by Pluto, Uranus, Gemini, Mars), cigarette (ruled by Neptune, Pluto, Mars) etc.

9. Being Guilty (ruled by Pluto).

If you can notice more than 5 or 6 symptoms in any person for more than two weeks then it is clear that person may suffer or is suffering from depression. Also consult a psychiatrist or psychologist.

How to avoid or reduce Depression ?

To reduce depression one needs to change their routine (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn, Taurus) but also changes in eating habits (ruled by Saturn, Moon, 1st house) and thoughts (ruled by Mercury, Gemini, 3rd house) have to be developed. Asking a person suffering from depression to change their routine is not at all easy. You must also change (ruled by Moon, Uranus, Mercury) your lifestyle with that person so that you can help them in a better way.

1. WAKING UP - Wake-up (ruled by Mercury, 3rd house) early in the morning like at 5 or 6 am. Sit with them and Help them develop positive thoughts in their mind. Start by Chanting OM maximum 11 times with deep breathing (ruled by Mercury, Gemini, Jupiter). Tell them that accepting your mistake (ruled by Pluto, Uranus) or saying sorry is the best tool to get inner peace (ruled by Venus, Jupiter, Pisces, 7th house) and eliminates negative thoughts from our mind. If you can't say sorry in-front of everybody, accept your mistake in your heart you you will become very happy and peaceful. Also ask them to say the following affirmations after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night :
a. I am very lucky (ruled by Jupiter, 9th house) to have a beautiful life.
b. I have peace (ruled by Venus, Jupiter, Pisces, 7th house), love (ruled by Venus, Libra, 7th house, 5th house) and happiness (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, 5th house) in myself.
c. I forgive (ruled by Venus) everyone and everyone forgive me.
d. I am thankful to everyone- people around me, birds and animals, insects, tress, mountains and rivers, sea, entire universe.
e. I am happy from inside. I can face any situation. I am a peaceful soul. 

2. WATER - Drink at least two glass of water (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces). Drink at least 10 -11 glasses of water entire day.

3. WASHROOM - Complete the remaining chores, freshen up and whatever person you see in the morning give a sweet smile (ruled by Venus) to them.

4. MEDITATION - Try to develop habits  (ruled by Saturn, Moon, 1st house) in them to do meditation (ruled by Saturn, 9th house, 12th house) for at least half an hour daily after freshening up. Make them do deep breathing exercises and ask them to concentrate on their breathing. As meditation is the perfect solution for depression.

5. YOGA and PRANAYAAM - Develop the habits (ruled by Saturn, Moon, 1st house) of doing different yogasanas after meditation (ruled by Saturn, 9th house, 12th house) like surye namaskaar, trikonasana, halasana, shavanasa etc and pranayam like bhramri, anulom-vilom, omkar etc. Pranayam is basically practicing breathing- exercises (ruled by Mercury, Gemini, Mercury, Mars) in different ways. 

6. SUNLIGHT - Try to sunbath (ruled by Sun) daily for 15-20 min in minimum clothes. It is very helpful in diminishing depression. It also helps in increasing praanshakti.

7. LAUGHING AND SMILING - Try to do laughing (ruled by Venus, Neptune) exercises in the morning. Laugh with loud sounds. Also clap side by side. Practice it for 10 -15 minutes. You will feel very energetic and relaxed.

8.  BREAKFAST - Include satvik (ruled by Cancer, Leo, Mercury, Pisces, Sagittarius) food items in your breakfast like sprouts, fresh fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus) and vegetables (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 6th house), nuts (ruled by Sun, Gemini, Virgo) etc.

9. LUNCH - Consume vegetarian (ruled by Neptune) food in lunch. You can include seasonal vegetables and salads. Also drink lukewarm/warm water.

10. SNACKS IN EVENING - Include green vegetable soup (ruled by Moon) and salad in their snacks. Dark chocolate can also be eaten but in limit. Try to include ayurvedic herbs (ruled by Moon) in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, 6th house) plan.

11. WALK IN EVENING - Walk (ruled by 1st house, Mercury, Gemini, 3rd house) for at least 45 minutes daily. Also while walking you can either hear or chant (ruled by Mercury) Gayatri mantra. Walk should be done in such a manner that you should become sweaty (ruled by Moon, Scorpio).

12. DINNER - Finish your dinner before 8 pm. You can eat pulses, chapati. green vegetables, rice, salad in your dinner. Don't include too much spices (ruled by Venus) in your food. 

13. MUSIC - Try to listen to your favourite music (ruled by Venus, Libra, Taurus, 5th house, Leo, Neptune, Moon) before sleeping.

14. SLEEP - Ask them to sleep (ruled by Pisces, 12th house, Neptune, Pluto, Moon) between 10-11 pm. 7-8  hours of deep sleep is very important. You will feel changes within a month.


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