Hypersomnia-Insomnia and Cure in Medical Astrology

Sleeplessness (ruled by Mercury, Aries) is a health ailment (ruled by Saturn) which is also called insomnia (ruled by Moon, Aries, Mercury). In the same sleeping a lot is also a disease (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Pluto, Saturn) which is called as hypersomnia. In it person feels tired (ruled by Saturn) and is full of laziness (ruled by Saturn). Person suffering from hypersomnia always tend to sleep now and then. Even after excessive sleep (ruled by Neptune, Pisces, Pluto, Moon, 12th house) they urge to sleep more. It is very important to change your lifestyle in such situation otherwise these patients are more susceptible to other lifestyle diseases. Hypersomnia gradually decreases the energy (ruled by Mars) in your body (ruled by 1st house, Sun). 

Generally, a person is needed at least 8 hours of sound sleep but people tend to sleep for 10 hours also. It is not harmful though. It is harmful when you sleep for more than 10 hours. Such people are always lazy, no matter what. Some people suffer from memory-loss (ruled by 3rd house, Mercury, Moon, Gemini, Sun, Saturn) issues as well. They feel heaviness (ruled by Saturn) in their bodies. This situation can be alarming for such natives.

There are two types of hypersomnia :

1. Primary Hypersomnia - People face this due to unhealthy sleep pattern. In this stage, part of the brain (ruled by Aries, Moon, Mercury, Sun, 5th house, 3rd house, 1st house) which controls the waking and sleeping cycles triggers due to which this happens. 

2. Secondary Hypersomnia -  When sleeplessness is caused due to other lifestyle diseases then native suffers from secondary hypersomnia. Sleep apnia is the first and foremost reason of secondary hypersomnia.

How to deal with it ?

1. Fix your waking and sleeping timings and follow it religiously.

2. Do not sleep for more than 8 hours.

3. Be active (ruled by Mars, Mercury) always. Do yoga and exercises (ruled by Mars) daily.

4. Do not stress (ruled by Uranus) for unnecessary reasons. You can practice meditation (ruled by 12th house, Saturn, 9th house) to de-stress your mind (ruled by Mercury).


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