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Detoxification of Body in Medical Astrology

  In this lockdown everyone has tried new dishes at home. But now its time to detoxify your body. Here are some simple methods which can help in the detoxification of your body (ruled by 1st house, Sun ) : 1. Eat Vegetarian (ruled by Neptune ) Food : Eat lots of greens (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Pisces sign, Cancer sign ). Green foods contain a lot of phytonutrients which helps in improving the digestive system (ruled by Virgo sign, Jupiter, Moon, Cancer, 4th house ). Also, green vegetables have phytochemicals in them which you can get in cauliflower, cabbage, beans, radish etc. Fruits also help a lot to improve digestive system which also contains a lot of anti-oxidants.  2. Drink a lot of Water : Drink as much as water/liquids (ruled by Cancer sign, Moon, Pisces sign, Neptune ) as you want. Include watery vegetable and fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus ) in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Moon, 6th house, Virgo ) like cucumber, orange, watermelon tomatoes. Avoid junk (ruled by Saturn, S

Increase Immunity By These 3 Vitamins

  If you have strong immune system or immunity (ruled by Uranus ) you will live a disease (ruled by Virgo sign, Pluto, Saturn, 6th house ) free life. So why don't you eat such food items which help increase your immunity. For this include three types of Vitamins (ruled by Sun ) in your diet that is Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E.  1. Citrus fruits helps fight many infections : Citrus fruits (ruled by Sun, Leo ) such as Orange, Lemon, Amla, Mausami etc are full of vitamin C which helps in making white blood cells (ruled by Moon, Mars, Scorpio ) which help fight various infections (ruled by Mars, Pluto ). You can include all these in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, 6th house ). These help covering our body in such a way that no virus (ruled by Pluto ) can enter our body. Vitamin C not only increases immunity but also helps in increasing good  cholesterol (ruled by Saturn, Jupiter ) in the body. 2. Non-Veg Items : Vitamin B6 is found in chicken (ruled by Virgo, Mo

Simple and Effective Diet Plan for Students studying Online

  Work (Virgo, 6th house, saturn) from home for adults is almost finished but it is on for students as they still have to conduct classes from home. So here are some simple and effectiive diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, 6th house) tips for children so that they can remain fit and healthy (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Ascendant / 1st house) even after sitting for half day to attend the classes :  1. Start your day with fresh fruits : Your day should always start with something healthy. So giving a fresh and seasonal fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus ) to the child in the morning (ruled by Sun, 1st house ) will help boost  their metabolism (ruled by Uranus, Saturn, Neptune ) and make immunity (ruled by Uranus ) strong gradually. You can give them banana (ruled by Moon ), guava, apple (ruled by Venus ), papaya etc. You can also make a shake or fresh smoothie with their favorite food (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Mercury, Virgo, 6th house ). In breakfast you can give them home made upma, poha