Detoxification of Body in Medical Astrology


In this lockdown everyone has tried new dishes at home. But now its time to detoxify your body. Here are some simple methods which can help in the detoxification of your body (ruled by 1st house, Sun) :

1. Eat Vegetarian (ruled by Neptune) Food : Eat lots of greens (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Pisces sign, Cancer sign). Green foods contain a lot of phytonutrients which helps in improving the digestive system (ruled by Virgo sign, Jupiter, Moon, Cancer, 4th house). Also, green vegetables have phytochemicals in them which you can get in cauliflower, cabbage, beans, radish etc. Fruits also help a lot to improve digestive system which also contains a lot of anti-oxidants. 

2. Drink a lot of Water: Drink as much as water/liquids (ruled by Cancer sign, Moon, Pisces sign, Neptune) as you want. Include watery vegetable and fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus) in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Moon, 6th house, Virgo) like cucumber, orange, watermelon tomatoes. Avoid junk (ruled by Saturn, Scorpio sign, Mars) food. Be far away from chips, cookies, pastries, brownies etc.

3. Yoga : To remove harmful toxins (ruled by Scorpio, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune) from your body do yoga (ruled by 9th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius sign, 5th house, Capricorn) regularly. You can also try laughter yoga which not only will make your body healthy but also removes laziness (ruled by Saturn) from your body.

4. Green Juices to Detoxify : Start Drinking Spinach (ruled by Taurus sign, Saturn, Venus) juice which is one of the most healthy detoxifying drink. But drink spinach juice only twice or thrice a week. You can make this juice by adding spinach, lemon (ruled  by Sun, Saturn, Leo sign) and a pinch of black pepper. You can also include green apple (ruled by Venus) which also helps in blood (ruled by Moon, Mars) cleansing and detoxification. It tastes a bit different but it is very good as compared to other green juice ingredients.    


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