Increase Immunity By These 3 Vitamins


If you have strong immune system or immunity (ruled by Uranus) you will live a disease (ruled by Virgo sign, Pluto, Saturn, 6th house) free life. So why don't you eat such food items which help increase your immunity. For this include three types of Vitamins (ruled by Sun) in your diet that is Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. 

1. Citrus fruits helps fight many infections : Citrus fruits (ruled by Sun, Leo) such as Orange, Lemon, Amla, Mausami etc are full of vitamin C which helps in making white blood cells (ruled by Moon, Mars, Scorpio) which help fight various infections (ruled by Mars, Pluto). You can include all these in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, 6th house). These help covering our body in such a way that no virus (ruled by Pluto) can enter our body. Vitamin C not only increases immunity but also helps in increasing good  cholesterol (ruled by Saturn, Jupiter) in the body.

2. Non-Veg Items : Vitamin B6 is found in chicken (ruled by Virgo, Moon, 6th house), fish (ruled by Neptune, Moon, Cancer, Pisces sign), eggs (ruled by Venus, Moon) etc. Even cold water is a good source of Vitamin B6. People who are vegetarians (ruled by Neptune) can eat soyabean, channa, milk, potatoes, cottage cheese, eggs etc. 

3. Vitamin E : Deficiency (ruled by Saturn) of Vitamin E can be overcome by including walnuts (ruled by Leo, Sun, Mercury, Gemini), almonds (ruled by Moon, Leo, Venus, Jupiter), spinach (ruled by Saturn, Venus, Taurus) in your diet. Especially broccoli is s rich source of Vitamin B6.

4. Garlic : Alisin found in Garlic (ruled by Mars, Aries) helps the body to fight any type of infection (ruled by Mars, Pluto) or bacteria (ruled by Pluto). Including 2 or 3 garlic cloves in your food not only makes your immunity strong but also helps in protecting from stomach ulcers (ruled by Cancer sign, Scorpio sign, Mars, Pluto) and cancer (ruled by Cancer, Moon, Pluto, Saturn).

5. Benefits of Pholate : Spinach (ruled by Saturn, Venus, Taurus) is very beneficial. It contains an element called pholate which helps in making new cells in the body. It also helps in repairing the DNA. Fiber present in it increases iron and anti-oxidants making the body healthy. Vitamin C present in spinach also helps in making the body healthy in every way. Consuming boiled spinach not only increases the immunity but also helps in right digestion (ruled by Moon, Cancer sign, Virgo sign, Jupiter, 4th house). Also its a boon for people suffering from constipation (ruled by Virgo sign, Saturn). 

6. Vitamin C and A in Broccoli :  Apart from Vitamin A and C in broccoli an anti-oxidant called glutathione is present. It is a vegetable which you can easily get in the market which helps make stronger your immune system. You can boil broccoli, corn, spinach and cottage cheese cubes and eat it as salad or as a meal replacer which helps strengthen your immunity. Cottage cheese and broccoli are full of calcium.  


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