Simple and Effective Diet Plan for Students studying Online


Work (Virgo, 6th house, saturn) from home for adults is almost finished but it is on for students as they still have to conduct classes from home. So here are some simple and effectiive diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, 6th house) tips for children so that they can remain fit and healthy (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Ascendant / 1st house) even after sitting for half day to attend the classes : 

1. Start your day with fresh fruits : Your day should always start with something healthy. So giving a fresh and seasonal fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus) to the child in the morning (ruled by Sun, 1st house) will help boost  their metabolism (ruled by Uranus, Saturn, Neptune) and make immunity (ruled by Uranus) strong gradually. You can give them banana (ruled by Moon), guava, apple (ruled by Venus), papaya etc. You can also make a shake or fresh smoothie with their favorite food (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Mercury, Virgo, 6th house). In breakfast you can give them home made upma, poha, dosa or idli. All these food items are full of vitamins (ruled by Sun) and polyphenol which helps in better digestion (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Virgo, Jupiter, 4th house) and helps improves mood (ruled by Moon) swings. Preparing such delicious foods at home will reduce the urge of the child to eat junk (ruled by Saturn, Mars, Scorpio) food.

2. Snacks which helps child to remain fresh : You can give a small bowl of curd with raisins to the child anytime in day. It is full of iron (ruled by Mars, Aries, Scorpio) and vitamin B12 which helps in the reduction of lethargy (ruled by Neptune, Saturn), fatigue. Also it helps balance (ruled by Libra sign) the hormones (ruled by Moon). It is obvious the as the child is at home for maximum time they crave for junk and processed food. Including curd and raisins will also help suppress (ruled by Saturn) hunger. 

3. Lunch : You can include daal, channa, kidney beans any type of lentils (ruled by Venus) they like in their lunch. Remember to soak them overnight and then cook the very next day and serve them with boiled rice(ruled by Moon). After having lunch you can give a small glass of buttermilk ( if they like). Buttermilk helps digest (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Virgo, Jupiter, 4th house) food containing pre and pro-biotic, mineral (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) and amino acids (ruled by Mars).

4. Dinner : Dinner time should be perfect for the child. Children should do their dinner till 7 pm. You can include some of them like paneer paratha, poori sabji, chapati with home made vegetable (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 6th house), vegetable pulaav or you can also include chapatis or parathas made of ragi, jowar, bajra as well. Serve with papad and curd. All these food items contain maximum nutrition (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Venus, Jupiter, Virgo, 6th house) needed for the child. Once a week you can give them pizza, pasta, paav bhaji or their favourite dish. But these should also be given before 7 pm only.

5. Before Sleep : You can give them turmeric milk / shake / rose petals (gulkand) milk to them. It helps the child to get a better sleep (ruled by Neptune, Pisces, Moon, Pluto, 12th house). Also turmeric (ruled by Jupiter, Saturn) milk also has one more benefit, it helps increase immunity (ruled by Uranus) which is very important nowadays.  


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