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Heat and Heart Attack

  We should take care of our health (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Virgo sign, 6th house ) specially in summers (ruled by Mars ). Before heat (ruled by Mars, Sun, Aries sign, Leo sign ) attacks your health one should become aware by adapting some simple methods. Here are some simple methods to remain healthy even in extreme heat conditions : 1. Water Intake : Due to extreme sweating (ruled by Moon, Scorpio sign ) in summers there are chances of dehydration. So, try to drink a lot of water/liquids (ruled by Moon, Cancer sign, Pisces sign, Neptune ). Early in the morning drink one or two glasses of water which helps in solving digestion problems as well (ruled by Virgo sign, Jupiter, Moon, Cancer sign, 4th house ). 2. Eat More Juicy Fruits : Including juicy (ruled by Moon ) fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Mercury ) in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo sign, Moon, 6h house ) is very important. You can include fruits like watermelon, litchi, melon, grapes, cucumber, pomegranate in your diet. This