Heat and Heart Attack


We should take care of our health (ruled by Mercury, Moon, Virgo sign, 6th house ) specially in summers (ruled by Mars). Before heat (ruled by Mars, Sun, Aries sign, Leo sign) attacks your health one should become aware by adapting some simple methods. Here are some simple methods to remain healthy even in extreme heat conditions :

1. Water Intake : Due to extreme sweating (ruled by Moon, Scorpio sign) in summers there are chances of dehydration. So, try to drink a lot of water/liquids (ruled by Moon, Cancer sign, Pisces sign, Neptune). Early in the morning drink one or two glasses of water which helps in solving digestion problems as well (ruled by Virgo sign, Jupiter, Moon, Cancer sign, 4th house).

2. Eat More Juicy Fruits : Including juicy (ruled by Moon) fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Mercury) in your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo sign, Moon, 6h house) is very important. You can include fruits like watermelon, litchi, melon, grapes, cucumber, pomegranate in your diet. This reduces the chances of dehydration in the body. Apart from all these fruits try including green vegetables (ruled by Moon, 6th house, Cancer sign) like bottle gourd, tinda, ladyfinger in your food. All these include important nutrients (ruled by Moon, Cancer sign, 6th house, Virgo sign, Venus, Jupiter) which your body needs in summers. Minimize the consumption of tea (ruled by Neptune, Venus) and coffee (ruled by Neptune, Mars, Pluto) in heat conditions.

3. Lack of Sodium in Body : Due to sweating, sodium (ruled by Mars) also comes our of our body which makes our body sodium deficient. Due to deficiency of sodium there are very high chances of getting heart attack (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces sign). To avoid all this, keep drinking a lot of water and ORS mixture so that sodium levels remain balanced in the body.

4. Skin- In summers, it is our skin (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn sign, Libra sign, Venus, Mercury ) which faces heat first and foremost. If you will not take care of your skin there are very high chances of heat entering to your body (ruled by Sun, 1st house) which can be the cause of many problems. Also, to face heat it is very important to take care of your food habits as well. Take bath daily. Due to sweating
etc many type of bacteria (ruled by Pluto) grow on the body which can cause many infections (ruled by Mars, Pluto) as well. 


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